A Guide to Purchasing the Right Breathalyzer

blood alcohol detector

Alcohol is a popular recreational drink that can impair your judgment if you consume it excessively. You are likely to make the wrong decisions that can affect your personal life and also put the lives of other people at risk. A perfect example is driving when you have had one too many.

You are likely to put your life and that of other road users at risk. There are times you might find yourself engaging in violent activities that will land you in trouble. You can check the alcohol levels in your body before engaging in certain activities. A breathalyzer is one device you can use to detect blood alcohol content. Visit for the best breathalyzers. We have seen this device being used on several occasions. One popular scenario is when traffic officers are trying to maintain road safety. They will stop random vehicles and make drivers use this device.

Those found to exceed a specific limit, which is usuallybreathalyzer 0.05% are arrested on the spot. Breathalyzers are also widely used in most workplaces to check the blood alcohol content of workers. This is essential in ensuring all of them are sober to perform several tasks like operating heavy machinery. You can also buy a personal breathalyzer to test yourself on several occasions before making certain decisions. Here are things to consider when purchasing one.


Take your time to understand the accuracy levels of the breathalyzer you plan to purchase. Not all of them are able to test and give accurate results of your blood alcohol content. You can understand this by going through reviews that have explained the different types of breathalyzers better. This will help you pick one that is reliable in giving out the desired results.

Convenience of Use

You should also look for a breathalyzer that will offer top level convenience in their use. One thing you can look out for is the size. Look for one that is small and light to have an easy time using it. You can also consider the ease of use.

Quality Approval

The breathalyzer you plan to buy shouldblood alcohol detector have quality approval from the relevant health bodies within your area. Buying low quality breathalyzers can expose you to a number of health risks, particularly illnesses affecting your respiratory health. Make sure it has met the required standards for use. Consider all these qualities to get the right type.